The Humbuggery of the Modi-baiter

Is it a good idea to assume good faith on part of the Modi-baiter? Is Modi-baiter really a well-meaning guy?

Modi-baiter says his  monomaniacal, decade-long crusade against Modi is motivated by concerns of justice for riot victims. Is this claim true?  If a Mahatma Gandhi advanced it, we’d certainly not dismiss it out of hand. But then, a Mahatma Gandhi is also logical, rational and respectful of fact and evidence. What about Modi-baiter? Consider his disposition towards the SIT report.  The SIT was the result of  Islamists’ own campaign, was monitored by the highest court of the land and  was headed by a person whose reputation for integrity was never in question. The report is in the public domain. It collates  numerous facts, backs them up with lots of evidence and makes an elaborate case that there is no prima facie evidence  against Modi. If Modi-baiter is a reasonable guy, why isn’t  he deferring to the facts and evidence of SIT report?

Modi-baiter would then claim that SIT’s  conclusion is not the same as exoneration by any court.  (Actually, shifting of goalposts itself is not a good sign of good faith — it indicates slippery tactics to defend  a pre-conceived “conclusions”  with an elaborate, extend-as-you-go arguments). This line of “reasoning”  is devoid of reason too. Not being charged at all for want of basic minimum evidence is stronger proof of innocence than being charged and then acquitted. If that weren’t the case, X filing a criminal complaint against Y should in itself be reason enough for police to file a charge-sheet against Y.

This takes us to the Mod-baiter’s next argument: “political accountability”. (Third goalpost, already. And you still believe this guy is well-meaning?) According to this “political accountability” or “political morality” theory, Modi is “morally” culpable. He “presided” over a riot, and whether he is criminally culpable or not, he must owe “moral” responsibility and get out of public life, if not into a jail.

Remember how the debate started: with the bleeding of Modi-baiter’s heart for riot victims. But now he wants to halt the bleeding for a moment while he goes off on a tangent to argue a case for political morality. No problem, but before we indulge him, point must be reiterated to avoid circular arguments that suit our friend well:  justice for victims is served by punishing the perpetrators of violence, and we have just  dealt with the false claim that Modi is one of them. If anything, SIT report shows Modi’s actions were geared toward protecting life, not taking it.

Modi-baiter’s  standard of “political morality” is nice in theory, except for this troubling question: does Modi-baiter himself believe in it? What makes him invoke that standard only for Modi, but not for Tarun Gogoi?  Assam violence is still fresh in memory, having happened only last year, not in 2002. In fact, why is Modi-baiter stopping arbitrarily at 2002, and not going  all the way back to 1984? Does Modi-baiter want us to believe that Sajjans and Tytlers flourished without Sonia’s patronage? Recall, also, that none other than the Chief Minister of Bihar at the time of Bhagalpur riots alleged his own party’s, and Rajiv Gandhi’s, hand in the riots. Is there a campaign at all, let alone a campaign of one-tenth the intensity targeted at Modi, to enforce political morality on Gogoi or Sonia? The answer is of course a resounding No.

The inescapable conclusion is that Modi-baiter has just as much respect for his expressly designed standard of political morality as he has for the facts and evidence of SIT report.

* * *

Deep down, Modi-baiter’s real hate is not for Modi, but for those who elected him time and again, and for those who are now set to elect him to the Parliament.

Islamists and Hindu-baiters are angry that three times as many people from “their side” died in 2002 than from the “other side”. Since they project their crude, communal mindset on to their adversaries,  they also imagine that Hindus are gloating that “Muslims were taught a lesson”.  This self-inflicted sense of humiliation has fueled an uncontrollable lust for “revenge”.

Since the days of Jinnah, when  it was obvious that the course of India’s democratic politics would be influenced to a greater extent by its Hindu majority, Islamists and left-liberals had forged a power of veto that was to be exercised over Hindus in general and vocal Hindus in particular. This power of veto was supposed to deliver a political  pound of flesh in Gujarat too, and show Modi-voting Hindus who was boss. But alas in Gujarat it came to nought. Had Modi been defeated at the hustings at least once, the hate levels would have been several notches lower, because ‘revenge” would have been deemed extracted.

It is important to know the nature of the adversary to deal with him effectively. It is important therefore to know that the Modi-baiter is a moral-schmoral humbug motivated not by concerns of political morality or justice for victims, but by an atavistic human emotion called hate.


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13 Responses to The Humbuggery of the Modi-baiter

  1. Vikas Saraswat says:

    When you have only hate and no facts to back your accusations, hurl them in dozens. That’s the maxim Modi baiters live by. Modi is hated simply because he venerates the idea of Bharat -something despised by Marx-Mullah-Missionary combine. Hate for Modi bares the hatred of Modi baiters for a pluralistic and tolerant tradition which is morally, philosophically, socially and spiritually superior to that of their own.

  2. Vikas Saraswat says:

    A brilliant post as usual !!!!

  3. John says:

    Also where is political morality in cases of rapes? Was Delhi CM made accountable? If we talk about morality, the children dying of Hunger, who is accountable? Was defence minister made accountable for the beheading done to Indian Soldier? Y Only Modi is made accountable?

  4. Mohanraj Cp says:

    Superb! Should shut mouth of left lib , xian , muslim nut cases! But they will drone on and on of 2002 for all eternity!

  5. Utpal Pathak (@PunyaPrakop) says:

    This article should be one of the best written over NaMo, 2002 Riots & Hate campaign by many. extremely well thoughtout as well as well expressed in words. Thank you very much.

  6. Ankur Agarwal (@ankur601) says:

    Very well written

  7. Gaurav S says:

    Practical and objective article. The only worry is that modi-baiters don’t want to read it, whether the are the Hindus who feel they want a “secular” govt. and have no clue of what secularism actually means, or the muslims who again don’t recognise that a strong country is what will relinquish them of their insecurities, whether it is modiji or any other Tom dick or manmohan. For ishrat case, they again want modi to be hanged, but when it comes to batla and mind you the same people are saying it was fake, no questions asked of the HM or the Delhi CM ? Are we living n a jungle where people are dumb?

  8. bidru says:

    The Modi-baiter is consumed with not only hate, but also FEAR.

  9. Shai says:

    Brilliant!!! these folks who are modi baiters should be exposed for what they really are. they build doubt in minds that had none just to grab power, they realise they have no leg to stand on so go on a communal binge though it has no basis, but do not do anything abt things that matter…. sad!!!!!

  10. lmtiwari29 says:

    Bhagalpur riots are the least talked about thing in our public domain. And it was such that never after this congress was able to form government due to the repercussions of this riot.

  11. Giriraj Bhatia says:

    Great Article ! !
    My observation is that fear and hope are two feelings which make people act. This UPA Govt. has already killed hope by their miserable policies and are now banking on inducing the feeling of fear in the people to come back to power. George Bush got re-elected with the same policy. However, I hope that Indian Public is smart to understand this manipulative tactic of the ruling party

  12. ram says:

    namaskaaram Sir,

    Thank you for writing this post. As I see, there are many like me who value your views very highly. So, kindly do keep writing (and of course tweeting) to educate more.


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