These middle-class fools…

A video is circulating on YouTube showing a conversation between Aravind Kejriwal and AajTak journalist Punya Prasoon Bajpai. This conversation seems to have taken place right after Bajpai recorded an interview with Kejriwal, after the later resigned as Delhi’s CM. The conversation obviously is meant to be off-the-record; it doesn’t feature in the original interview (not included here). Here is the video.

The gist of the conversation is this: Kejriwal says he didn’t want to criticize the private sector in the just concluded interview because it wouldn’t go down well with the middle-class. Bajpai applauds that decision, and goes on to say that he will highlight the “Bhagat Singh part” of the interview.
Both parties basically reveal their cynical politics.

Friend Vikas Saraswat has provided an English translation of the conversation.

AK : That “corporate” thing you were suggesting is a bit theoretical. I don’t want to speak about that because middle class wouldn’t like it. They will go anti, if I broach it. They will think we are against privatisation and private enterprises. That is why I was deliberately not coming into that. Rest …
PPB: And the 80% marginalised section of the society…
AK: Yes this is what we will speak…
PPB: Yes you come to that because that is the real vote bank in the country…
AK: Exactly. Exactly … Yes I will speak about that. I forgot to say that…
PPB: Yes you speak about that. If we are doing something about them…
AK (in a hushed tone):  I do not want to say that all this is being done by Private (sector) folks and that whichever Government comes they take commission from them. If we say so we will antagonise the entire private sector- which is not a right thing.
PPB: Ok, ok..
AK (with a chuckle): These middle class folks…
PPB: Very revolutionary, very revolutionary..
AK: Run that footage a little more
PPB (standing up) : No, no that only will run more. We will Saala run that Bhagat Singh part … it will elicit very good reaction. It will get very good reaction.

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